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  • March 27, 2019 1 min read

    Welcome To The Gallery

    It is with great pride that I announce the launch of my online art gallery. Art is my passion, and it is my god-driven desire to share my art with as many people as possible. In this digital gallery, I hope to open my love for art into the homes of fellow artists and art lovers everywhere.

    Take a tour and learn more about how I got my start as a young student who stumbled upon art and discovered a passion that would change my life. It is with great fondness that I look back on the time that, as a young teenager, I was invited to display my paintings at the Museo de Arte Moderno (National Museum of Modern Art) in my home country of Mexico. That was only the beginning of my grand adventure that is still unfinished. As you tour the gallery, be sure to introduce yourself to the influences and masters that helped shape my technique and guide me to the place I am today.

    The most important stop on your tour of the Gallery is to check out the art! Take a look and take it in. I hope you enjoy your glimpse into the passion that drives my soul. Be sure to stay connected with us so you never miss an update and all the exciting news that we can’t wait to share.

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