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    1985 - The Gallery of the Loteria Nacional of Mexico

    1985 marked Ruiz de Velasco’s first exhibition held at the Gallery of the Loteria National of Mexico. Her popularity skyrocketed as members of Mexico’s art community took notice of her talent.

    1987 - National Museum of Modern Art

    In 1987, Veronic Ruiz de Velasco received the honor of exhibiting her art at the Museo de Arte Moderno National (Museum of Modern Art) in Mexico. She was the youngest artist ever to receive this invitation.

    1989 - Mural, American British Cowdray Medical Center, Mexico

    In 1989, Veronica Ruiz Velasco was commissioned to paint an original mural that would be at the centerpiece of the opening of the American British Cowdray Medical Center in Mexico City. The mural took almost a year to complete, and its unveiling was part of a national event in Mexico that was attended by then U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Charles Pilliod as well as Prince Charles of Wales. Ruiz de Velasco was congratulated for the donation of her talent, time and effort.

    1997 to 2003 - On Display in Dallas’s Top Businesses

    During the time span of 1997 through 2003, Veronica Ruiz de Velasco’s art was exhibited widely in private galleries hosted by Dallas’s business scene.  Her art exhibits during this time frame included:

    Private executive gallery of Lucent Technology in Mesquite, Texas.  Private executive gallery of AT&T in Las Colinas, Texas.  Nordstrom stores in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.  Donation of two murals to the Beaty Early Childhood School in Plano, Texas.

    1997 - Anasazi Gallery, Dallas

    Early in 1997, the prestigious Anasazi Gallery in Dallas held a solo exhibition featuring the paintings of Veronica Ruiz de Velasco which marked Ruiz de Velasco’s entrance into the Dallas art scene.